Operating Systems and their uses

This page will be used to talk about my experience with Linux and the Linux community

I have been using linux on my laptops for about 2 years now (at the time of writing this)

It has been a pleasure to learn and i think i have found, for the most part, the setup i am comfortable with

I am currently using an x61s from 2007 to write this website and have managed to get the majority of things working with this

It is simply not good enough to play any games, which is a shame but I do not mind, i plan to build a desktop for more intense tasks, including playing the occasional game

Thats enough rambling about me

for honesty's sake, here are the linux distrobutions that I have experience with

Ubuntu ElementaryOS Manjaro CloverOS Devuan

I did try Fedora, Void and Debian but ran into various issues with each that prevented me from getting a lengthy experiece with them

If you use linux for any length of time, you'll end up hearing the saying 'stop distro-hopping'

the implication to some is that all distros are of equal value and to not bother jumping around

that interpretation however misses the point, I think

The person saying to stop distro-hopping usually refers to some who feel they need to 'upgrade' to the next distro, rather than thinking that one would suit their needs better

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