England's newfound self loathing

maybe its just me, but I havent seen anyform of celebration of the country outside of football, in almost a decade.

celebration of British culture is almost gone

we would much rather sit here and complain about how disgusting the population is

which if you ask me, is making us more depressed and fat

i'm not going to sit here and hit you with a shit ton of graphs, you can see for yourself if you walk around or listen to the news

I remember in primary school, being shown british culture, british music, british television, gaining an appreciation for our community

sure, we had some christian people come in to sing about the virtues of christ and all that fun stuff, yes we sang songs about how grateful we were to god for making earth and about fun in wildlife, school rules and other such things

i enjoyed it, even if i stopped believing in god by the time i left

towards the end of primary school we started looking at sikhs, which was boring but they seemed alright. we also looked at Africa and how they were still developing, we should try to help them so one day they could be as great as England, but that was the angle, rather than "we've done something wrong so we owe them", it was "lets lift them up where we can"

secondary school was much different, with a much larger focus on other countries, London 2012 being the last time being English was shown as exciting and cool

ever since midway through secondary, the bombardment of:

'fuck your culture'

'fuck your country'

'fuck your people'

has become invasive into everyday life and reached the point where people arent happy with themselves

many people I know have basically accepted it and would rather pretend to be something they arent

even brexit, which at the time of writing this, is still ongoing and yet to reach a solid conclusion

brexit has been nothing but attempts to sabotage the country and our ability to leave the EU

I am worried for our children, will they grow up to love the country they live in, despite its flaws, or will they grow to want to leave and hate the very people that nurtured them