My Ideal Linux Experience

In this page/series of pages, i will go through how i have my linux desktop and laptops set up

For the most part, they are set up the same, with varying levels of effort going into ensuring that they run efficiently

You will have to bare in mind that I am not any kind of Linux expert, as you can see by this website, I can use linux and understand it in the same way, as in, not very well but enough to have something kinda work

Lets start with some basic information about what I use day to day



Lenovo Thinkcentre m82

Intel Core i5 -3470 @ 3.0ghz.. 1.6-3.2ghz

Currently 8GB DDR3 RAM

Intel Integrated Graphics, I plan to buy a discrete card later this year



I'll Keep this segment brief by just listing device name and things changed

x61s, 1gb ram, 120gb ssd, 120gb sd card

t440p, quad core i7, gt730m, 16gb ram, 256gb SSD and 1tb HDD, trackpad mod

x260, dual core i5, 8GB ram, 256gb SSD


OS: Devuan GNU/Linux

WM: Openbox

Essential Software for personal desktop experience : Tint2, Rofi, Dunst

I will take some time to write some more in depth descriptions about why i use certain software and some things to remember/tips which i struggled to find online